Fox Rosehill Gardens, Falmouth

A Free Access Public Garden

Photos by Sandra & George Pritchard

The Fox Rosehill Garden was first created as part of the town residence of Robert Were Fox. A member of an old Falmouth Quaker family of mine owners, traders and shipping agents Robert Were Fox, became a noted scientist distinguished for his researches on the internal temperature of the earth, being the first to prove that the heat increased definitely with the depth; his observations being conducted in the families tin mines from 1815 for a period of forty years

 Robert Were Fox farmed an estate called Penjerrick  near Falmouth, But in 1839, he moved into the Town house of Rosehill where he set about creating the garden. He had given his son Barclay the responsibility of  managing Penjerrick. It was Barclay who set about creating a garden there also but he died in 1855 and Robert, who was to outlive him by 22 years, took on the Penjerrick estate garden as well as Rosehill.  

Like the Williams Family, the Fox's were another of the gardening dynasties that came to dominate horticultural life in Cornwall during the mid-19th century and as well as Penjerrick and Rosehill, Roberts other son Charles had set about creating the valley garden at Trebah an estate which his father had given him in 1831.

Retiring from business in 1872, Robert gave Rosehill to his nephew Howard Fox and it was he who with his staff  planted the first Mediterranean style garden in Cornwall. With an avenue of Dracaena Palms he was to set a trend that would in time become the norm in Falmouth with the main thoroughfares  being lined with them. 

In 1908 the editor of the Gardener's Magazine stated that "I cannot call to mind one (garden) in England, that is so altogether un-English as that of Rosehill." 

The garden has matured and is a delight to visit in the spring and summer. Gifted to the town by the family, Carrack Council, took over the management in 1974 and their gardening staff are to be congratulated on the upkeep of this and all the other public gardens in the town.


Enquiries: Fox Rosehill Gardens, Falmouth
01872 224355

Entry Charge: Free


Web Site: Carrick Council Gardens



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